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The thing about Adriana Lima is that she’s so respectable!!! I’d wife and I would never have another chick on the side

-A man on Adriana Lima

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Adriana Lima in “Alerta Rosa” - Pink Alert for Vogue Spain, May 2014  
Photographed by: Miguel Reveriego 
such a loving mother

Gisele Bundchen for H&M, Swimwear Campaign, 2014

Photo by confessor

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la-blue-girl: dude adriana deleted her easter pic that she took...i think people started asking questions about why wasnt marko in any of them (even though we know he was away, there was no mention of him anywhere)

Yes people indeed did. Like the next day people were just asking if it was him and she was said “no that is not marko!” yes, she put an exclamation point. I think the reason why she just now deleted it is because this divorce rumor is spreading and getting out of hand. and people probably going on there asking about it since it was a bit of a family photo.

Also, I heard people asked marko’s parents in serbia about it(adriana gets alot of press there) they said “no comment”

and there are now more reasons why I think they are truly having problems  but I don’t want too many people harassing her and the third variable in this situation about it

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